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Exclusive Laminates Collection Range
from 0.90 to 1.25 mm thickness

For its craft skills and techniques. For its investments in research and technology. For its focus on sustainability. For the design and the quality of products made in India. Fasten is more than regular laminates and smart surfaces. Fasten group designs and produces solutions that make any environment or piece of furniture original and creative.

Paperlam gives an artistic touch to life with exceptional quality laminates. It consists marvelous surface textures, design and colors the perfect combination of surface textures and designs the collection to the next level which helps interior designers to create futuristic interior design.

Wood paper a paper tresure inspired from natural wooden designs, our team of product researched combined a unique texture that gives you feel of real wood cut. its a premium range interior garde laminates for architects and home deigners.

Markwel Laminates a remarkable series of 0.9mm laminates made of evergreen wooden designed papers in various textures and embossed surfaces. This collection unwind in Mid 2017 for the indian market.

Our Second brand in the series of 1.00mm thikness is always a front runner in the market. with more then 30 dealer across PAN India it reclaim more sales among other brands from fasten laminates.

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